Simon Dowling

Senior Graphic Designer

Colleagues would say that Simon has been producing graphics and titles since the silent movie era. In truth, he’s ‘only’ been in the industry 40 years.

Starting in TV commercials in 1980 he moved on to graphics for Feature Film Trailers and Features at National Screen Service. Following the company’s break up he was self employed for 8 years, producing titles for numerous films which led to him being snapped up by Capital FX, a small optical company specializing in foreign versioning. Over the years CFX expanded and secured the big 5 studios as clients and Simon achieved the position of Director of Production. When the company was sold to Deluxe, Simon and three colleagues left to form their own company, Fugitive.


  • Working with Maurice Binder on two of the Bond movies,
  • Making tea for Nicolas Roeg,
  • Disappointing Ken Loach
  • Producing animation and text for the first Apple commercial in 1984
  • Working on the title sequences for all the Harry Potter movies and creating all the rollers for that series.

Areas of expertise:

And, as a Fugitive, being involved in producing the titles for some of the biggest movies such as Gravity, Jurassic World, Chronicles of Narnia, Rogue One and most recently Aladdin.

And despite all that glory, after 40 years his main love is still end rollers!