Jason joined the film industry in August 1994, with Technicolor® Film Laboratory in West London.

He worked his way up through the company, finally ending up in the Intermediates department of the laboratory.

In August 1997 he left Technicolor® after he was offered a job by Capital FX to become their Laser Subtitling Supervisor. This was a new area of business for the company at the time and Jason developed the department and nurtured it through its infancy, building that side of the business very successfully.

During the later years of his tenure at Capital FX he began to become more involved with visual effects and title production and worked as a Producer where he was responsible for Client Liaison and Studio Production output for the foreign versioning markets of Walt Disney, Paramount & Universal.

In September 2007 Fugitive Studios was born and Jason carried his role of Producer into the new company. During his time working at Fugitive he has adapted his skills and abilities to keep pace with the changing technologies within the film industry, all the while helping to run a successful Post-Production business.